The Right Moving Supplies For Faster, Easier, Less Stressful Moves

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Moving to a new home can for the most part be a very exhilarating experience. However, it can also be extremely exhausting and stressful too, especially if you are short on the manpower and essential tools. Along with the most essential items for packing, one requires several items that are used on a day-to- day basis. We shall be listing the items for packing as well as the essential day to day items for making the moving day less chaotic.

First thing we need to enlist are the items for packing our belongings and our valuables. They are as follows:

  1. Packing boxes – These boxes need to be of all sizes. Some items can be packed collectively, whereas some need special boxes of their own to be packed. So, it is always smart to buy them in various sizes. If you do not want to spend money on boxes, you can find them in grocery stores or other relevant shops, there is no harm in walking up to the shopkeepers and asking them for it. Most of the shop owners will be more than happy to give away boxes for free. If you know you will be moving in a couple of months, you can also start saving boxes from online deliveries. Just remove the tapes and fold off the boxes and store away in a corner of the closet.

  2. Tapes- Packing tapes are a must have for packing the boxes. It is a lot easier to pack if you have a tape gun too. Having a few rolls of good quality packing tapes along with a roll of small cello/ scotch tape is also a good idea. The tapes can be used to seal caps of the bottles with liquids inside or even a bottle of lotion. It can be used to avoid any unnecessary spills.

  3. Scissors/ paper-cutter – Having a good pair of scissors is also very important for packing items along with sharp knife or a strong paper-cutter. They come very handy for all sort of things like cutting tapes or packing papers or bubble wraps.

  4. Packing papers/ bubble wraps – They both come in handy for packing fragile items like appliances, ceramics, glasses, etc. Individual wrapping of dishes and glasses are always advisable in order to avoid scratches on the surface due to friction. Bubble wraps serves special purpose of protecting our appliances and other fragile decorative items from tumbling around in a box. There are a few other cushioning supplies available in the market such as packing peanuts, etc. which can used as fillers or padding around the fragile items in a box.

  5. Basic set of Tools- There may be a need for a screwdriver here or a wrench there for unscrewing nuts and bolts around bed, to disconnect water from washing machine and other similar jobs around the old house and again fixing up similar items in the new house. Keeping a set of dependable tools handy is very important for the moving day.

  6. Markers/ labels- Labeling or marking boxes while packing is a very good idea not just to indicate fragile items for the movers but also to locate one’s items easily while unpacking. One can directly take boxes to the intended rooms for easy access and swift unpacking.

  7. Large duffle bags / packing cubes- Large duffle bags can be used for items such as pillows, cushions, blankets, etc. Zip lock space bags can also be used prior to stuffing the items into the duffle bags.

Top Ten Packers is here to help with basically this part of the move. Providing the right packing supplies for our customers and creating an inexpensive and hassle-free move is our top priority. Our team of skilled manpower can work independently or under our customers individual directions. We also provide unpacking services for those in need and are happy to help in re-allocation of various items within the premises.

In order to ensure a smooth transition, we further recommend our customers to pack a bunch of items exclusively. These items are extremely helpful in sustaining one’s livelihood smoothly for a few days after the big move. These items should be packed separately and given an easy access to unpack immediately on arrival. This is particularly useful for someone who must go back to work on the next day of moving. We would be happy to help you to pack these too, but selection and discretion of items by the customers is highly recommended.

  1. Clothing and bedding – Just remember to set a side a few pairs of clothing (individually per person), a couple of clean bedsheets (depending on the number of people), a few towels and blankets on a separate bag to find it easily on arrival. One may not have time or energy to unpack the whole suitcase of clothing to find one clean towel to take a shower after a sweaty move.

  2. Snacks/ Water to go- One might not have time to eat full meals during the day, so in order to avoid hangry outbursts, set aside a bag of favorite snacks to grab it on the go. One is also easily thirsty during all the rustle of the day, hence keeping a few bottles of water handy is a good idea.

  3. Toiletries- These are a must have at every household and need to be packed in the essential item bag. Soaps, shampoos, toothpaste and toothbrush, etc. are a few items that need to be always readily available after the move.

  4. Medicines and first aid kit- Some people take medicine daily and hence keeping them handy is a good idea. Getting bruises and cuts on moving day is also quite normal hence the first aid kit.

  5. Cooking stove and dishes- A cooking stove and few sets of cooking and dining dishes and utensils can be particularly set aside to prepare a first few meals at new residence with ease.

  6. Simple grocery items- Rationing a few packets of groceries for a first few meals at the new residence is also advisable. Also, beverages such as tea, coffee, energy drinks, etc. should also be kept handy to alleviate stress.

  7. Chargers/ battery banks - Keeping chargers handy is also a good idea since we use our cell phones for almost everything these days and draining batteries on our cellphones is quite natural on a moving day.

  8. Laptop/ gadgets- Laptop, smart phone, smart watches, etc. are the items that are more essential part of the household, since we tend to work round the clock in our laptops and cellphones. Keeping these items handy is also given.

  9. Basic cleaning/ toilet supplies- Detergents for dishes, clothes, toilet paper, paper towels, cleaning liquids, mops, brooms, etc. are also crucial to maintain hygiene within the household. It is also highly advisable to clean before using the kitchen counters and toilet amenities.

  10. Flashlights/ batteries- Modern Smartphones can accommodate this item but for a few people needing brighter lights, flashlight can be very useful. A few spare sets of batteries should also be kept handy in case of an outage or a faulty fuse.

  11. Pet supplies and food- Feeding a pet is as important as feeding oneself, hence their food and supplies need to be kept handy.

It is almost impossible to not get overwhelmed during and after the move but planning out a few details and keeping a few things on one’s mind before a big move can be relatively less stressful. Daily essentials may vary from person to person hence, only a rough estimate of these items can be provided. One needs to carefully design a plan to facilitate one’s move, and we are here to help. We are always willing to serve our customers and help them through the process.

These lists are compiled from our experience as packers and movers for the past 5 years and is intended for anyone needing help moving houses. We cannot thank our dearest customers enough for helping us with their precious feedback that helped us come up with this list. Hope this list as well as our team would of help to anyone reading it.

Happy moving!!